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2015-09-27 Sac CX #1 Report by Scott Peifer

Since I turned 45 this week and haven’t been training as much due to work/fam and haven’t raced since Feb, and was doing first A race, I decided to play the 45+ card (for the first time). Was glad to see Marty in the group for FB too and Jason Snovel.

Was on the front line for the start but guy next to me cut me off and I shuffled back to 7th or 8th wheel for the first half lap until things opened up. Group was getting strung apart and passed a couple guys on lap 1 then the rest on lap 2. I wasn’t sure if anyone else was up ahead so asked the guys around me if this was the front, they said yes, and I passed the lead rider for open trail.

I’m still rather rough on the obstacles and remounts but pulled away. Took the win and put 2 minutes into second place. Turns out my time would have been good for 2nd in 35+ A’s and 4th in Elite A.

Marty rode strong for a top 10 in 9th.

Ron raced the Elite A but suffered a mechanical and a sour gut unfortunately. Saw Jack and another FB lined up for Bs.


2015-05-30 Lost and Found Gravel Grinder Report by David Brandeberry

lake davis

Many members of the MTB/CX team went out to ride the Lost and Found gravel grinder last week.  Ron, Pat, Mark, Craig, Scott, Adam, Chris, Kevin and me all went to Lake Davis near Portola to ride in this second edition of the event.  Ron, Chris and Kevin opted for the 100 miler while the rest of us made a pact to ride around together in the 60 and have a great ride in the Lost Sierras.  It was one of the best rides I’ve ever done and will be back to race it next year.  Here are a few pics and a video from the event.  Here’s the link to video and if you look closely you will see the dirt team doing what it does best:https://vimeo.com/129750878
First aid station

First aid station

Riding across one of many valleys

Riding across one of many valleys

One of the few paved climbs

One of the few paved climbs

2015-04-08 PCRS #2 Results by Ron Shevock

Tofor Lewis – 1st Place – Pro/Expert
Ron Shevock – 4th Place – Pro/Expert
Adam Ross – 3rd Place – Expert Men 30-39
Dave DeRosiers – 2nd Place – Expert Men 40 – 49
Zol Whitman – 6th Place – Expert Men 40 – 49
Tom Campeau – 7th Place – Expert Men 40 – 49
Chris Udarbe – 9th Place – Expert Men 40 – 49
Christopher Holmes – 6th Place – Expert Men 50 – 59
John Lacey King – 12th Place – Expert Men 50 – 59
Kathy Cervantez – 2nd Place – Expert Women
Claire Townsend – 6th Place – Expert Women
Craig Weaver – 5th Place – SS Expert
Chris Patterson – 13th Place – SS Sport
Adam Aguilar – 14th Place – SS Sport
Jacob Bruce – 3rd Place – Sport Men 17-
Ken Bruce – 2nd Place – Sport Men 50+
Kevin Benevides (Folsom Bike Jr. MTB Team) – 2nd Place – Beginner Jr Men 13-
Lee Isaac (Folsom Bike Jr. MTB Team) – 5th Place – Beginner Jr Men 13-
Lance Carlo (Folsom Bike Jr. MTB Team) -10th Place – Beginner Jr Men 13-

2015-03-29 TBF MTB Celebration Race Results by Ron Shevock

Here is a quick run down of our results from yesterday’s TBF MTB Celebration Race. I’ll probably write up a race report on my race later on. Good times, thanks for coming out and see most of you on Wednesday at PCRS

Ron Shevock – 1st Place – Male Pro
Pat Murphy – 2nd Place – Male Expert 30 – 39
Zol Whitman – 2nd Place – Male Expert 40 – 49
Christopher Holmes – 2nd Place – Male Explert 50 – 59
Brian Birch – 2nd Place – Male Sport 60 & Over

2014-12-07 Sac CX #5 Miller Park Race Report by Ron Shevock

Hey Everyone –

I’m sending this to both the road team email group and MTB/CX team email group since there are so many of you dabble in cyclocross.

This weekend I doubled up on ‘cross races with the NCCX “Kitten of Vallejo” race on Saturday and the Sacramento Series Race at Miller Park Sunday (today). In both races I raced in Elite Singlespeed (or Singlespeed A…same thing).

I knew going into the “Kitten” on Saturday that it would be a mudfest. I was a little apprehensive about trashing my bike (and body) in the mud since I just had to replace my bottom bracket bearings from the last mud race a few weeks ago at Gibson Ranch. And plus I’d be faced with an evening of thoroughly cleaning the bike up to get her ready again for Sunday’s flogging. But in the end, I decided to race with the determining factor being…additional conditions preparation. I.E. Next week is the NCNCA District Championship Race at Lange Twins Winery in Lodi. The Lange Twins venue is historically a very wet and muddy venue. And there is talk of a really big storm bearing down on us this coming Wed – Friday. That storm is going to turn the Lange Twins district championship race venue into a lake of thick mud and I figured I better familiarize myself with dealing it and trying to be fast and smooth in it.

Anyhow…..the results were good. First place in the “Kitten” on what was maybe the hardest course I have ever ridden against some good competition, and a 2nd Place today in the Sac Series. The Kitten was probably the hardest course I have ever ridden and good prep for Districts in the mud. I’m still kind of in disbelief that I ended up winning because halfway through the race I was probably a minute out of it, but somehow clawed my back to win by just 3 seconds. Photographer Tim Westmore was there and wrote up a great play by play of sorts of the race on his blog which I’ve linked to below.

Today’s Sac Series race was really fun and fast, and even with the massive effort put in on Saturday, I still like my chances of possibly pulling out a win here too. I ended up in a breakaway after the first lap with eventual winner Rich Maile, and on the last lap I made a few mistakes that Rich was able to capitalize on and I just did have any matches left to burn to give chase so I ended up sitting up and cruising it in.

If anyone wants an entertaining scene next Sunday, head on down to the Lange Twins Winery in Lodi to watch the District Champ race. It’s a great venue for spectators as you can wine taste (YEAH!) and keep your feet dry as you watch the course and racers slugging it out from a concrete overlook. Pretty cool. There should be a few of us there racing in various categories throughout the day.

And here is that report from the Kitten of Vallejo race by Tim Westmore on how the course was setup and how my race played out. Check it out.Handful of photos in here too: Dalton, Judelson, and Shevock Conquer the Creeks


2014-12-7 Sac CX #5 Miller Park Race Results by Chris Patterson

Hello Everyone!

Great to see all our team members out racing locally!

Amazing finishes as well.

All the best during this holiday season!

Chris 🙂

Sac Cx Race # 5 Miller Park, Ca Results

Men’s B
1st – Alex Smith – Limitless Cycling
19th – Chris Udarbe – MTB/CX

Men’s B35+
2nd – Scott Peifer – FB road team

Men’s B45+
2nd – Mark Fiori – FB road team

Single Speed 35+
11th – Jeff Farley – FB road team
13th – Marty Cunningham – FB road team

Single Speed A
2nd – Ron Shevock – FB road & MTB/CX
9th – Marty Cunningham – FB road team

Women’s B
2nd – Jillian Bhopla MTB/CX

2014-11-15 Sac CX #4 Results by Chris Patterson

SacCx Results Gibson Ranch Park November 15, 2014

Men A45+
7th – Joseph Staron – FB Road

Men’s B
1st – Alex Smith – Limitless Cycling
29th – Kyle Fiori – Limitless Cycling

Men’s B35+
21st – Jason Snovel – FB Road

Men’s B45+
4th – Mark Fiori – FB Road/CX

Men’s C
11th – Adam Aguilar – FB CX

Single Speed 35+
2nd – Marty Cunningham – FB Road
10th – Scott Campbell – FB CX
15th – Jeff Farley – FB Road

Single Speed A
1st – Ron Shevock – FB MTB/CX

Women’s B
11th – Jillian Bhopla – FB CX