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2013-06-19 PCRS Awards


Congratulations to our MTB/CX team for doing so well at the Prarie City Race Series this year!!! Here are some pictures from the awards night!2013PCRSAwards2 2013PCRSAwards


2013-06-12 Prairie City Race #10 Race Results/Coverage by Chris Patterson

Well, the last PCRS race did not disappoint.  If you like all the trappings of the wild wild west this one was for you.  The course was complete with wind at your front and then at your back, dusty trails and cobblestones to buck you up and down on your trusty carbon fiber steep  This course posted some of the fastest lap times in the whole series. It was a race to the finish in many categories! 
In keeping with the PCRS tradition the last night has a costume contest. We have some very spirited teammates that entered and placed in the contest.  We had our very own” Rolling Team Medic Nurse Michelle”.  Who by the way had to pull out of the race early to help Zol with a photo op after he got all cleaned up from his wounds.  Rounding out the fun was Forrest Williams Folsom Bikes very own” MTB YODO” and last but not least gunning for the nostalgic vote Milan Vukovich donning his original 1978 high school baseball uniform which he still looks very handsome in.  Our very own DJ Arron Hutchinson provided the much need beats to get us through the race.  Hey Mr. DJ….turn the record on…. Love it!
Congratulations to  Sean Aguilar, Chris Udarbe, Zol Whitman and Claire Townsend for making all 10 races.  Plus we will have two amazing racers up on the box at the awards night next Wednesday.  Chris Udarbe 1st place in Expert Men 40-49 posting the following lap times 12:36:68, 12:40:04,13:06:03, 12:17:00 (stud) and Cole Davis 2nd place in Sport Men 17 and under  and honorable mention for both Claire Townsend Expert Women 4th place and Michelle Fruit Sport Women 4th place.  Great Job!


Pro/Expert                             Race # 10                   Final  Standings        
Ron Shevock                              3rd                               12th       
Neilson Powless                         –                                   24th
Expert Men 29 and under
Sean Aguilar                              DNF                               8th
Expert Men 30-39
David Brandeberry                       –                                    11th
Expert Men 40-49
Chris Udarbe                              1st                                  1st
Darren  Stauts                            4th                                  8th
Dave Desrosiers                          –                                     10th
Tom Campeau                            11th                                16th
Bruce Ceniceros                         –                                     18th
John King                                   16th                                33rd 
Expert Men 50-59                        
Christopher Holmes                      –                                   19th
Steve Showler                             –                                    28th
Expert Women
Claire Townsend                         4th                                  4th
Simone Julian                             8th                                  7th
Lauren Desrosiers                       –                                     10th
Amy Chandos                            –                                      13th
Debby Sullivan                           –                                      16th
Melissa Murphy                         –                                       19th 
Sport Men 17 and under
Cole Davis                                3rd                                     2nd
Sport Men 30-39
Roy Griffith                                –                                        8th
Thomas Horner                         –                                         17th
Sport Men 40-49
Ken Bruce                                –                                          21st
Sport Men 50-59
Kevin Keady                               1st                                    15th  (in a word… upgrade!)
Sport Women 39 and under
Francie Bishop                           –                                         4th
Trista Schultze                           –                                         20th
Sport Women 40+
Michelle Fruit                            DNF                                     4th   
Beginner Men
Forrest Williams                        2nd                                      5th
Beginner Women 14-39
Melissa Brandeberry                  –                                           7th
Single Speed Expert
Dean Bailey                               –                                            8th
Zol Whitman                              DNF                                      10th
Mike Mathis                                –                                          19th
Single Speed Sport
Chris Patterson                           14th                                       9th
Milan Vukovich                            11th                                      14th
PCRS is a great series.  It is one of the only races where you can see your teammates during the whole race on each lap.  I am so very grateful for all of the encouragement by everyone out there on the course.  I was able to take advantage of every pull offered to me this time.  Woot Woot!  I hope to see you all at the awards party next Wednesday.  Have a great summer!
All the Best,
Chris Patterson

2013-06-05 Prarie City Race #9 Race Results/Coverage by Chris Patterson

Hello All……in a word “WALL”…. race report done!!!!!……….no you know me I can not stop there…but that WALL is a bugger and we just know they are gonna give it to us at some point…but really the HOTTEST night…….  here was my thinking girl you gotta race the “gear” you brought (one)…the fitness you have at this point in the season…and you gotta find your way up that wall….,, this course had all the favorites thick gravel parking lot to an up hill…the gradual up hill back up to the parking lot in the wind….Udarbe said that was his favorite part….how are those cookies doing?….some short very fast  squirrely downhill bit off camber….but some fun new sections on the back with some nice ‘S” turns dropping you right into some think sand….but no cobble stones really to speak of..YEAH!……that wind though come on….I had to hike a bike on that WALL…the other one DJ hill made that one….but you know what just about happened at the top each time…..cookies please stay down….and our  other favorite big cheek Victory Velo boy sitting in his usual spot right in front of me up DJ hill on my first lap… really….I do not want to see those things any more….gear down buddy……So, I found myself a bit of chaos last night…had one quick off course moment…followed the expert girls down the wrong line…quick on off of the bike and try to restart….then second lap try to recover from hike a bike up the wall and as I hit the first rocky bit  of off camber downhill…I am grabbing to much brake and my mind knows that but my hands froze up and would not let of the brakes…and I got a cheek full of star thistle…ouchie….back up…pull a few from my cheeks and try to get at it again….so now just about 2.5 miles into the last lap…I hear my Garmin beep …but it is a beep I have not heard before…as I look down it says battery low and all I can think is riders battery is low too…but I press on…and face DJ hill just one  more time…. this post would not be complete with out a big shout out to 3 race studs…RON…FORREST….KEVIN…..now, I will do better next time I am offered a chance to grab your wheel….but last night I could not pedal it fast enough  to catch each of your offers of a pull…..but it was kind of you to try and help me….rope would have worked…just saying if you want to through that back to me….i have pretty good hand eye coordination….I did play 3rd base in softball a life time ago….anyway my hat is off to all that showed up raced that course and made it back to the car to load your bike……that was a hot tough one…and we did it!!!!!…one more race to go……any costume ideas Forrest….a particular animal comes to mind…..LOL…..  highlight to the night the many laughs at Dos Coyotes for dinner and many great laughs……we had a great turn out last night some new faces joined us…great to see you out there Trista…and a ghost rider made his return to the dirt last night and showed us a thing or two…you roadies….. way to go Kevin….

All the best….have a great weekend….one more PCRS…..come out if you can…..costume?


2013-06-01 SoNoMas XC Shevock/McKeen takes 2nd/3rd!

2013-06-01 SoNoMas XC Shevock/McKeen takes 2nd/3rd!

Congratulations to Ron Shevock for taking 2nd place and Joe Mckeen for taking 3rd place at SS Open at SoNoMas XC. 34 miles and 7000 vert of climbing (Ouch!) 3.5 hr finish time for Ron. Nice work gentlemen !! Tough race!!!

2013-05-31 PCRS #8 Report by Chris Patterson

oh baby…did number 8 pack a few surprises……a pack of four guys  in my category went off course….yet still placed in the top….ummmmm….if this was the course for you….it was ripe with…oh,  that reminds me what was that odor out on there…..dead fish meets I am not sure what…..crazy…..  ….it was smelly…and it hit me at the wrong point in my race when i needed to breathe in deeply….YIKES …..ok, back to the actual race….it is such a help to me  when course design can string together pieces we have never ridden before…love that…..doesn’t mean it was easy…but nice mental break….and they served us a big portion of whups, shadows with big ruts below….grassy areas in  the shadows… hard dog leg lefts and rights…..sand…what the heck… sand is a bugger….lose gravel just were you don’t want it to be…on a critical up stroke……dust …cobble stones….and that wind.. really!….only a break last week from it i guess… now it was back and unsure of how it wanted to blow….funny on the pre ride i thought ok only have to deal with the one big climb….but no as the race played out it felt like much more up hill…and into the wind on the back….loved the DJ and it was a nice break at the top of “might lose my cookies hill”…….we had 19 riders in the field and they are all owning their categories…..so proud of everyone.. plus big shout out to Sean for helping Karen from Rio get her pedals figured out before the race….you have a good heart Sean……thanks for coming out and supporting this local series….hope many of you can make the last two races…..


                                                               Race # 8                 Series Standings
Pro/Expert Men
Ron Shevock                                              2nd                            14th (I am simply amazed how fresh your legs can look as you pass me having raced Rockhopper!)
Expert Men 29 and under
Sean Aguilar                                               5th                             7th  (Sean your hard work is showing..you are really improving as a racer…love it!)
Expert Men 30-39
David Brandeberry                                        –                                 10th   (big props David for letting your wife race and you took care of the kiddos)
Expert Men 40-49
Chris Udarbe                                                 2nd                            1st  (way to go Chris…you were flying out there!)
Dave Desrosiers                                              –                               4th    (give it the gas on the last two races …. come on…the battle isn’t finished)
Darren Stauts                                                5th                             13th  (did this one go to you or your buddy?)
Tom Campeau                                               –                                 17th  (miss you!)
Bruce Ceniceros                                            –                                 18th  (miss you!)
Expert Men 50+ 
Christopher Holmes                                       –                                   17th (bad to the Holmes join us for the last two races)
Steve Showler                                               –                                   27th  (can you join us for the last two races?)
Expert Women open all ages
Claire Townsend                                             5th                               2nd  (keep it going claire faster laps from the start!!! you can do it)
Simone Julian                                                 DNF                             9th  (you are amazing getting up that back hill with a broken seat post!)
Amy Chandos                                                 1st                               13th  (girl I have kit envy love those road kits.. way to go!)
Lauren Desrosiers                                            4th                               7th  (this young- in is holding her own against the ladies way to go Lauren!)
Debby Sullivan                                                  –                                 15th  (maybe you can make it to the last two races…your fast!
Melissa Murphy                                                –                                  21st  (injured reserve,,,hope you are feeling better!)
Sport Men 17 and under
Cole Davis                                                        2nd                              3rd (buddy you are having a great series…keep it up…lay it on the last two!)
Sport Men 30-39
Roy Griffith                                                        –                                  7th  (finish strong!)
Thomas Horner                                                  –                                  16th (very cool you showed up to cheer us on…feel better!)
Sport Men  40-49
Ken Bruce                                                         –                                   15th (hey there two left… )                              
Sport Men  50+
 Kevin Keady                                                      –                                    20th (can you make the last two…you roadies got some dirt skills)
Sport Women 39 and under
Franice Bishop                                                   –                                     3rd  (gear it down lady…change your plans you gotta defend your title!)
Sport Women 40+
Michelle Fruit                                                     –                                      5th ( Ribs heal up…for a good cause nice run down mini Moab at Granite Bay) 
Beginner Men 40-49
Forrest Williams                                                 3rd                                   6th  (ok….your getting your legs….and you do great race posts!)
Beginner Women 14-39
Mellissa Brandeberry                                           2nd                                  10th  ( WOW first race out at PCRS…way to go great job! MTB skills run in the family)
Single Speed Expert
Dean Bailey                                                        2nd                                   3rd    (dude what can I say…..you own that SS!)
Zol Whitman                                                        5th                                    7th   (this must have been a course that suited you great job!)
Single Speed Sport
Chris Patterson                                                    14th                                 10th  
Milan Vukovich                                                     11th                                  15th  (you stinker I am holding on by a thread to stay in front of you in standings)
Open 60+
Richard Pitra                                                          –                                      10th  (we miss you hope all is well!)
All the best,