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2013-04-23 PCRS #4 Race Report by Chris Patterson

The course was filled with everything race night should be…..fluffy sand pits…high banked fine dusty turns.. one hill in particular that made this racer just about toss her cookies…..whup sections and a cross wind that was a battle in itself……….I love it….although I had a set back on my pre ride…..I left it all out there last night come race time.. ..came in 15th out of 18 racers…..woot woot…….here are the results from last nights race…we have an amazingly fast team for sure….

Honorable mention… few of our racers didn’t have their best night but they showed up to race!   You will get them next week!
Sean, Zol, Christopher and Tom Campeau
Expert 30-39
David Brandberry           6th
Expert 40-49
Dave Desrosiers            2nd
Chris Udarbe                 5th
Darren Stauts                11th
Expert Women
Simone Julian                6th
Claire Townsend             8th
Lauren Desrosiers           7th    (clear to see the skill in this family…Lauren is in 8th grade racing expert women! way to go!)
Sport Men 17
Cole Davis                      1st   (way to go!)
Sport Men 30-39
Roy Griffith                     5th
Thomas Horner               16th
Sport Men 40-49
Ken Bruce                      5th
Sport Women  39            
Francie Bishop               8th  
Amy Chandos                1st  (nice upgrade from Beginner  Class great job!)
Beginner Men 40-49
Forrest Williams             6th
Beginner Women 40+
Laura Schweitzer            1st  (heart of a racer right here…3 crashes and still pulled off a 1st place!)
Single Speed Expert
Dean Bailey                    3rd
Mike Mathis                    15th
Single Speed Sport 
Milan Vukovich                  9th 
Chris Patterson                15th
also, Lauren Desrosier got 1st place in XC  race down at Sea Otter….congratulations!
It was a great night of racing…we missed those who could not make it out to race…and it was great to see those who got one in….hope to see many of you at our Crit on Sunday…it will be another great Town Center/ Folsom Bike event for sure…..
All the best,
Chris Patterson


2013-04-21 Bob Delp Takes 2nd at Sea Otter Classic!


2013-04-16 Prairie City Race Series Report by Chris Patterson

Oh, It was on last night…race night was filled with wind..wind ..wind….dust factor was big and plenty of folks in great shape going very fast…and bucking along on the cobble stones…good times…….at one point I looked down to check if i had a flat…no flat…so must be something else……legs please go faster!!!!……. come Wednesday night that is how I want to be spending my time on the line with other single speed racers trying to do my best against them and the elements…..Folsom bike was out in force last night….3 races in we have some great placement in this 10 race series……this series rewards the consistent racer that shows up each week to race….woot woot…that’s why I love it………

                               Race#3                       Standings
Expert 29
Sean Aguilar             4th                             3rd  overall points
Expert 40-49
Dave Desrosiers        2nd                           1st overall points
Chris Udarbe             4th                            2nd overall points
Tom Campeau          10th                          17th overall in points
Darren Stauts            9th                           18th overall points
Expert 50+
Christopher Holmes   mechanical before race….good luck at Sea Otter!
Expert Women
Simone Julian            5th                           1st overall points
Claire Townsend        4th                            2nd overall points
Sport Men 17
Cole Davis                 8th                            9th overall points
Sport Men 30-39
Roy Griffith                 4th                            3rd overall points
Sport men 50+
Kevin Keady                5th                            3rd overall points
Sport Women 40+
Michelle Fruit                 4th                            4th overall points
Beginner Men 40-49
Forrest Williams            4th
Single Speed Expert
Zol Whitman                 7th                               5th overall points
Dean Bailey                  1st                              11th overall points
Single Speed Sport
Chris Patterson             18th                            10th overall points
Beginner Women 40+
Laura Schweitzer           1st                        3rd overall points (honorable mention  WOW rider)
well, I think I got everyone…..please let me know if I missed anyone….stop by our team tent next week and say hello…. enjoy some cookies and a good laugh before or after your race….
have  a great weekend,
Chris Patterson

2013-04-11 Prairie City Race Reports

Chris Patterson:

Now, I thought the TT on the Canal was on Tuesday  night…it was moved to last night at PCRS…Boy, was it a a smoking fast course last night…I think I took one breath at the start and didn’t take my next one until I crossed the finish line……..the course was complete with hot corner turns,  in your face quick uphills, moto ruts and lots and lots of dust…perfect night for racing indeed…I am racing with the men this season and holding on pretty good..no last place here….woot woot..Ii went 16 out of 20 racers with one other  gal….I left it all out on the course last night…….Folsom Bike had a great turn out with 25 racers….. the blue, black, white and green of our kits  look great against Prairie City dirt! We had almost all categories covered last night just two races into the series, wow! Congrats to all that showed up – the MTB team and our favorite roadies did us proud! I hope I get them all mentioned here:


Ron Shevock – 4th( in the first race)

Expert Men 29:

Sean Aguilar – 7th

Expert Men 30-39:

David Brandeberry – 6th (in the first race)

Expert Men 40-49 (note – This is one of the toughest groups)!

Dave Desrosiers 1st two weeks in a row
Chris Udarbe 2 nd two weeks in a row
Tom Campeau 18th
Bruce Ceniceros 14th
Darren Stauts 15th

Expert Men 50+

Christopher Holmes 13th
Expert Women
Simone Julian 2nd
Claire Townsend 6th
Melissa Murphy (on injured reserve for now – coming back soon!)

Sport Men 17+

Cole Davis 4th

Sport Men 30- 39

Thomas Horner 17th

Sport Men 40-49

Ken Bruce 8th

Sport Men 50+

Kevin Keady 5th

Sport Women 30-39

Yi Bell 3rd
Francie Bishop 6th

Sport Women 40+

Michelle Fruit 7th

Beg Women 14-39

Amy Chandos 1st
Beg Women honorable mention rider from our Friday WOW rides racing PCRS for first time
Laura Schweitzer 1st Place!

Single Speed Expert

Zol Whitman 11th
Mike Mathis 8th
Dean Bailey 5th

Single Speed Sport

Chris Patterson 16th
Open 60+  studs!
Richard Pitra  6th (in the first race)
Hope to see you all next Wednesday night….25 Folsom Bike racers! Good times for sure. Be sure to stop by our team tent – rumor is there are some goodies on race night! Our tent will be on the main row by the start line. Come by and say hello! Now get to pedaling! The weather is great out there!!!!
All the best,
Chris P.

2013-03-30 TBF Racing MTB Triathlon

Congratulations to Cole and Francie for racing in the MTB Triathlon! Great work!

More images from the MTB Triathlon can be found here. Results here.