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2015-09-27 Sac CX #1 Report by Scott Peifer

Since I turned 45 this week and haven’t been training as much due to work/fam and haven’t raced since Feb, and was doing first A race, I decided to play the 45+ card (for the first time). Was glad to see Marty in the group for FB too and Jason Snovel.

Was on the front line for the start but guy next to me cut me off and I shuffled back to 7th or 8th wheel for the first half lap until things opened up. Group was getting strung apart and passed a couple guys on lap 1 then the rest on lap 2. I wasn’t sure if anyone else was up ahead so asked the guys around me if this was the front, they said yes, and I passed the lead rider for open trail.

I’m still rather rough on the obstacles and remounts but pulled away. Took the win and put 2 minutes into second place. Turns out my time would have been good for 2nd in 35+ A’s and 4th in Elite A.

Marty rode strong for a top 10 in 9th.

Ron raced the Elite A but suffered a mechanical and a sour gut unfortunately. Saw Jack and another FB lined up for Bs.


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