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Rodeocross Results

As told by Rich Pitra:


 Last night was the last Rodeo Cross race for this year.  It was good and bad.  The good was the bonfire in the arena and we all got Rodeo Cross t-shirts.  The bonfire was great since it was really cold last night.  The bad for me was a mechanical problem with my bike.  So the results for last nights race are:

Milan Vukovich    4th     Men’s C45+
Rich Pitra             6th     Men’s C55+
Sean Aguilar       3rd     Open Single Speed
The results for the series are:
Ron Shevock         6th               Men’s A
Bob Delp   13th Men’s A
Sean Aguilar    2nd Open Single Speed
Darryl Moxley   22nd Open Single speed
John Collins   12th Men’s B35+
Pat Murphy   23rd Men’s B35+
Tom Horner   24th Men’s B35+
Mike Munoz   30th Men’s B35+
Mike Munoz   13th Men’s C35+
Milan Vukovich    2nd             Men’s C45+
Rich Pitra     3rd  Men’s C55+ 
Bonnie Darrah     5th Women’s B
Alicia Weaver     8th Women’s B
Michelle Fruit      11th Women’s B
Melissa Murphy   18th Women’s B
Michelle Fruit     8th Women’s C
Congratulations to all!  Between the EDH CX race, Sacramento CX series and Rodeo Cross we had many great results, lots of participation from our club and lots of fun.
On January 20th the Norcal vs SoCal cyclocross championship is in Bakersfield, Ca.  Its a long drive, but should be fun.  


Ron Shevock places 1st overall for 2012 Sac CX

Ron Shevock places 1st overall

Places first in the last race of the Sac CX series in the Single Speed A’s, and places first overall for the entire season. Congrats!


Ron braves the mud at Sac CX #7!

Ron braves the mud at Sac CX #7!


Ron Shevock and Max Jenkins #1 for Single Speed A and A divisions at Sac CX at Howard Park in Ione, CA!

530308_297527597030438_1052187620_nCongrats to Ron Shevock and Max Jenkins for leading the podiums in the Single speed A and A divisions today at Sac CX!

Rankings of our Folsom Bike CX Team as reported by Mr. Brian Birch:
Today’s Sac CX race in Ione was one of those races that defines CX with mud, water, and power sapping grass. There were a couple ditches full of mud where finding just the right line was difficult. There were lots of crowd-pleasing mud baths when wheels slipped out. All and all it was a fun course.
Folsom Bike had another good day:
Max Jenkins 1st Men’s A
Bob Delp 6th Men’s A35+
Pat Murphy 6th Men’s B35+
Mike Munoz 25th Men’s B35+
Brian Birch 4th Men’s B55+
Shelly Sirkus 3rd Women’s A35+
Ron Shevock 1st Men’s A SS
John King 9th Men’s A 45+
Mark Fiori 8th Men’s B
Chris Udarbi 10th Men’s B