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2013-05-26 Rockhopper Classic Report by Forrest Williams


Open Single Speed
1st Place – Ron Shevock

FYI – Ron completed this race on his rigid single-speed with only the front brake…his rear hub cracked and broke the rear rotor bolts!

Pro Expert Women
4th Place – Jen Shevock

Sport Men 40-49
1st – Chris Udarbe
2nd – Darren Stauts

I would like to say that Chris made a fantastic move in the last corner before the finish line and sprinted into first place to win by 13 seconds.

Beginner Men 40-49
10th Place – Forrest Williams


2013-05-22 PCRS #7 Results/Coverage by Chris Patterson

Many highlights to the night for sure………I had a chance to introduce myself to Jamie Whitmore the Pro Xterra racer….funny thing last week when I was sitting on the couch with a bag of ice on my ankle I thought I had spotted an error in the PCRS Expert Women standings…….could it be the Jamie Whitmore that has cancer…is crushing the expert women class…and sure enough last night when I saw her it was true…  I am simply amazed that a person without any hamstring muscle to speak of  in her left leg could lay down lap times like that……..it was so nice to talk with her …..makes you really put into perspective life and minor set backs like a sprained ankle.

…..hmmmm…let’s get to it….last nights course was awesome…some really just flow and for me last night this course did…..and the wind i think it was a help…and not the 200 lb bear on my back in previous races……so while I was out on my pre ride I was feeling cautious but glad to see much of the course was wide open….so I thought maybe I can stay away from any chaos…as it was only my 3rd ride back on the bike since I rolled my ankle….and I choose to put an over the counter brace on my left foot…thinking that would prove to be the boost I might need mentally to feel safe….hmmm…not so much about half way into the first lap I was thinking where can I pull over and rip this stinking thing off…it was digging into the top of my foot so bad….crazy how much torque you put on the top of your foot on a single speed……but I was feeling good otherwise…so i thought get it going sister and pull it off at the end of the race….

I laid down a smoking fast first lap…..fell a bit off on the second lap…..and the foot was screaming by the last lap…..I tried to think of just keeping my pedal stroke as smooth as possible…….as I hit the big hill in the back on lap two I was treated to a humorous sight….it always gives my heart pause when I see a big geared rider seated on an uphill that has not yet chosen the right gear for his climb….as I approached him I take the left side and try to give it the fumes I had left in the tank…and I pass him and crest the top of the hill before him…but he is a big boy so he takes me on the downhill…but the laugh was for me to see his buns bouncing in his kit…..you have to know anything to get my mind off my screaming foot from the stupid brace was a welcome distraction……so I am proud to say I took 15th out of 17 guys in the single speed class….yes, go ahead say it…shine guard boy got me last night….but I was upright and did not get hurt….and put in some good lap times having been off the bike since May 8th….and that course was awesome…….I am no Pro racer…but I am gonna give it all I got when I am out there……..3 more to go in the series….

on to the race results and standings for race # 7 I am including all of our team members that have raced any or all of the races….
                                                                    Race # 7                                   Series Standings
Pro/Expert Men                                                 
Ron Shevock                                                                                                         19th
Neilson Powless                                                                                                    22nd
Expert Men 29 and Under
Sean Aguilar                                                         7th                                             7th                                
Expert Men 30-39
David Brandeberry                                                                                                    9th
Expert Men 40-49
Dave Desrosiers                                                    6th                                              1st
Chris Udarbe                                                         3rd                                              2nd
Darren Stauts                                                        8th                                              13th
Bruce Ceniceros                                                    11th                                            18th
Tom Campeau                                                       14th                                            17th
Expert Men 50+      
Christopher Holmes                                                                                                   16th
Steve Showler                                                                                                            25th
Expert Women
Claire Townsend                                                     9th                                               2nd
Simone Julian                                                                                                             8th
Debby Sullivan Pro Xterra                                        1st                                                14th
Lauren Desrosiers                                                   8th                                                9th
Sport Men 17 and under
Cole Davis                                                              6th                                                 5th
Sport Men 30-39
Roy Griffith                                                                                                                   6th
Thomas Horner                                                                                                             15th
Sport Men 40-49
Ken Bruce                                                                                                                     12th
Sport Men 50+
Kevin Keady                                                                                                                     19th
Sport Women 39 and under
Francie Pants Bishop                                               6th                                                     3rd
Amy Chandos                                                                                                                    12th
Sport Women 40+
Michelle Fruit                                                            3rd                                                     4th
Beginner Men 40-49
Forrest Williams                                                        2nd                                                    8th
Single Speed Expert
Dean Bailey                                                                5th                                                    3rd
Zol Whitman                                                               11th                                                  8th
Mike Mathis                                                                                                                       18th
Single Speed Sport
Chris Patterson                                                            15th                                                  14th
Milan Vukovich                                                             10th                                                  15th
Open 60+
Rich Pitra                                                                                                                              10th
Our team is in the hunt in almost every category….let’s give it everything we got for these last 3 races….we have an amazing group of riders at every level of ability and many riders that have improved so much in the last year…and this season……and the young ones holding their own against older riders….way to go….and thanks for the safe passing and encouragement when you all fly by me….it helps  big time!!!!  have a great weekend…see you next Wednesday

2013-05-19 Folsom Prison Race Behind Bars Results by Chris Patterson

Hello Everyone…Happy Monday!!!

Looks like it was a great time out at the Race Behind Bars……..perfect weather for a race…and nice that it is local……the course provides lots of single track quick downhill and many places to find some chaos…..here are the results for Sundays race…
Expert Men 29 and under                    Place        
Sean Aguilar                                       7th
Expert Men 30-39            
David Brandeberry                               7th
Expert Men 40-49                         
Bruce Ceniceros                                 7th
Tom Campeau                                    8th
Expert Women
Claire Townsend                                DNF   sorry…hope you are ok…
Sport Men 14-17
Cole Davis                                          1st place woot woot!!! hey, Cole… you are having one great season for sure!!!
Sport 50+
Brian Birch                                         5th
Sport Women 35+
Michelle Fruit                                       1st place woot woot!!!! our very own rolling medic…must have been no injured to tend to
Beginner Men  40-49 
Forrest Williams                                   3rd
Hope to see you all out at PCRS…back on track for  race number 7 of the series this Wednesday…..have a great week….
all the best,


2013-05-04 Bogg’s Mountain Bike Race – Erin + Jen takes 1st!

2013-05-04 Bogg's Mountain Bike Race - Erin + Jen takes 1st!

Congratulations to our very own Erin Gorrell and Jen Shevock for placing first in the 2-person women’s team! Great job!