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2014-04-23 Prairie City Race Series Results by Ron Shevock

Prairie City last night. Super tough course…flat….very rocky, and loose. Lots of crashes across all categories last night (myself included!..just a small one…and I think I counted 3 guys going down just in the Pro/Expert field alone!), so I hope everyone made it out unscathed. Here are our results with top 3’s highlighted (full results are here http://www.racemtb.com/LapTimes.asp?Race=198&Date=Apr%2023)

Tofor Lewis – Pro/Expert – 3rd
Ron Shevock – Pro/Expert – 5th
Bob Delp – Pro/Expert – 8th
Cole Davis – Expert 29 & Under – 1st
Pat Murphy – Expert 30 – 39 – 10th
William Murray – Expert 30 – 39 – 11th
Dave Desrosiers – Expert 40 – 49 – 6th
Chris Udarbe – Expert 40 – 49 – 7th
Tom Campeau – Expert 40 – 49 – 10th
Roy Griffith – Sport Men 30 – 39 – 3rd
Claire Townsend – Sport Women 40+ – 1st
Craig Weaver – Single Speed Expert – 5th
Zol Whitman – Single Speed Expert – 7th
Chris Patterson – Single Speed Sport – 13th


2014-04-16 Prairie City Race Series Photos

Another great evening at Prairie City race series! Neutral support Bill along with our crew for race tonight roadies Tri team and MTB team. We had about 18 folks total race, including our pro Debby.

Prarie City and putting out a solid effort. It was a fast, twisty, bumpy course last night, that had its passing challenges. It was great to get caught up with the familiar faces and meet some new ones. Here are the results from last night. 5 top threes out of 18 racers.

Bob Delp 4th
Tofor Lewis DNF

Exp 29-
Cole Davis 6th

Exp 30-39
Adam Koch 4th
Wild Bill Murray 7th
David Brandeberry Tied 8th
Pat Murphy Tied 8th
Adam Ross 10th

Exp 40-49
Chris Udarbe 6th
Dave Desrosiers 1st
Tom Campeau 8th

Exp Women
Kathy Cervantes 2nd
Debby Sullivan 1st

Sport 30-39
Roy Griffith 7th

Sport 50+
Kevin Keady 14th

Sport Women
Claire Towsend 1st

SS Expert
Craig Weaver 3rd
Chris Patterson 12th

2014-04-06 Napa Valley Dirt Classic Results

IMG_6641 IMG_5058Folsom Bike’s MTB team had quite a showing at the Napa Valley Dirt Classic and left with great results:

1st Tofor Lewis Category 1 U18 Men’s

1st Cole Davis Category 2 U18 Men’s

1st Jen Shevock Women’s Category 1

2nd Ron Shevock Men’s Open Pro Single Speed

2014-04-02 Prarie City Series #1 Results by Ron Shevock

Hey Everyone – The first Prairie City Race was last night and man we put together some great results!  Good job to everyone who braved the thread of super muddy conditions, but man, we sure did get lucky last night as I think we were all surprised with how dry it ended up being out there.
Here are our results, great start to the Wednesday Night Worlds for Folsom Bike / Giant:
Ron Shevock – Pro/Expert – 2nd Place
Bob Delp – Pro / Expert – 4th Place
Tofor Lewis – Pro / Expert – 11th Place
Cole Davis – Expert Men 29 & Under – 3rd Place
Adam Koch – Expert Men 30 – 39 – 2nd Place
William Murray – Expert Men 30 – 39 – 9th Place
Dave Desrosiers – Expert Men 40 – 49 – 1st Place
Chris Udarbe – Expert Men 40 – 49 – 4th Place
Tom Campeau – Expert Men 40 – 49 – 9th Place
Roy Griffith – Sport Men 30 – 39 – 5th Place
Tom Horner – Sport Men 30 – 39 – 15th Place
Kathy Cervantez – Sport Women 40+ – 1st Place
Claire Townsend – Sport Women 40+ – 2nd Place
Zol Whitman – Single Speed Expert – 5th Place
Craig Weaver – Single Speed Expert – 10th Place
Milan Vukovich – Single Speed Sport – 11th Place
Chris Patterson – Single Speed Sport – 13th Place