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2014-07-12 Nevada City Dirt Classic #3 Race Report by Brian Birch

Last Nevada City Dirt Classic was on Saturday 7/12.   YBONC races are held in great venues with 90%+ single track.  This race was no exception riding parts of the Pioneer and Hallelujah trail.  Big trees, clear, and high enough that it wasn’t too hot.

So what about the racing.   The start was less than 100 yards from the single track.  I was in the first group of 15 rides.  Sounds good, but there was so much dust you couldn’t see the trail and had to watch the rider in front of you very closely.  Way too exciting going through windy single track really fast.   Got to the big hill fast which was a blessing and a curse at the same time.  Finally I could see the trail but steep dusty switch backs zap the energy out of your legs.  Hallelujah got to the top and managed to pass most of my competitors on the hill.  Really nice single track coming down with a small rock garden section.

Lap 2 flying along, a lapse of attention hit a soft spot and went down, cut up my arm got the chain stuck.  Got everything put together and moving again still ahead of 2nd place in my class.  Crashed again going into a corner to hot trying to make up time.  Back on and riding again still in 1st place.

Lap 3 good lap, last big climb done and flowing through the single track.  Great trails, two crashes, one medal.  Add another gold the the Folsom Bike / Giant total count for the year.

Thanks to the folks at YBONC for putting on such a good race.