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2014-03-22 Big Sandy MTB Race Results by Ron Shevock

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38 miles and 6,800 vert of climbing of singletrack according to my Stava file. This is such a good grassroots race and they had equal cash payouts for Pro Women, Pro Men, AND Pro Single Speed (unheard of!)

Ron Shevock – 1st Place, Pro Single Speed Male
Debby Sullivan – 3rd Place, Pro Female
Bob Delp – 3rd Place, Pro Male


2014-03-22 Big Sandy MTB Race Report by Debby Sullivan

bigsandypodiumAll started out well. I decided to set a pace that was good but I thought I could push the whole long 38. I led it out for women and was first the 15 mile where they had a $100 prime. A couple miles later with second female right with me, I realized I lost a bolt from my cleat and it was loosed. So, I had to stop and tighten in hopes it would hold the rest of the way! I was able to get going again and I rode down the girl in second and right when I was ready to pass my cleat came crooked again when we had to walk a short section! So, she took off and I wobbled around to try and get clipped in again and hope that I could make it the rest of the way without unclipping. I did pretty well for awhile but alas I had to come off and then my cleat was all crooked but so tight that I couldn’t get it straight nor clip in! At this point I was just ready to be done so I just rode (tried to ride the last 3 miles unclipped. So, after all that I managed to hand on for third.
Looking back I am glad I pushed a little more to the first prime so I could take away something!! 🙂 It was still a fun day out there. Now that’s 2 mehcanicals in 2 races, hopefully I have all the kinks worked out now for the big stuff! I will post a proper race report soon on my blog and pass it along.

Thanks for all the support. As I was going, I was thinking that I have never had something that I loved drinking or craved so much as Osmo! (Besides water, of course) So good! I am loving that stuff!

2014-03-09 Cool MTB Race


Joe McKeen 2nd, Ron Shevock 1st

Womens Expert 30-39. Melissa Murph 3rd, Jen Shevock 1st.

Womens Expert 30-39. Melissa Murph 3rd, Jen Shevock 1st.

Men's Expert 50-59. Chris Holmes 2nd.

Men’s Expert 50-59. Chris Holmes 2nd.

Expert Men 19-39 – Patrick Murphy – 7th
Expert Men 19-39 – Tom Campeau – 9th
Expert Women 19 – 39 – Jen Shevock – 1st
Expert Women 19 – 39 – Melissa Murphy – 3rd
Expert Men 50 – 59 – Christopher Holmes – 2nd
Pro Women – Debby Sullivan – 5th (due to a flat tire on first lap…boo!)
Single Speed Men 36 – 99 – Ron Shevock – 1st