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2013-10-06 Sac CX #2 Results by Brian Birch

Today was a brand new Sac CX course designed by Cody Kaiser.  Ripping fast, lots of grass, and some sand to make things interesting.  Whew what a turnout, 17 Folsom bike CX racers, 12 top 10, 2 podiums.  Congratulation to Ron Shevock (1st Mens SSA) and Pat Murphy (3rd Mens 35+) on their podiums. 

Jason Snovel     Mens A 35+   14th 
John Collins       Mens B           6th
Mark Fiori          Mens B          14th
Mike Munzo       Mens B          27th
Chris Udarbe      Mens B          21st
Pat Murphy        Mens B 35+     3rd
John Collins        Mens B 35+     9th
Tom Campeau    Mens B 45+     6th
Mark Fiori           Mens B 45+    18th
Chris Holms        Mens B 55+     5th
Brian Birch         Mens B 55+      8th
John Brink          Mens C 55+     9th
Melissa Murphy   Womens B       6th
Ron Shevock      Mens SS A      1st
Jeff Farley          Mens SS B      5th
David Brandeberry  Mens SS B   4th 
William Murray       Mens SS B   9th



2013-10-06 Ron Shevock Wins Single Speed A’s @ Sac CX #2 – Orangevale Park

2013-10-06 Ron Shevock Wins Single Speed A's @ Sac CX #2 - Orangevale Park